What We Provide

What Makes Up Modular Pipe Racks

Modular Pipe Racks

Modular Pipe RacksOur Design-Build system for pipe bridge modularization includes fully fabricated and assembled pipe racks ready to be installed, complete with pipe (gapped and beveled), insulation, heat tracing, cable tray, walkways, lighting, etc.

3D Design

3d Design We give you access to full 3D detailed designs from your P&IDs or flow diagrams including structural modeling, pipe routing, equipment modeling, valve and instrument location, personnel access, remote model reviews with a virtual walk-thru, using the leading 3D software packages to integrate seamlessly into your plant model.

Pipe Stress Analysis

Pipe Stress Analysis Our professional process engineers perform all calculations and design necessary for pipe routing, expansion loop locations, transfer of loading to adjacent systems, and structural anchor points. This is all coordinated sophisticated 3D pipe design software.

Structural Steel Engineering

Structural Steel EngineeringOur structural engineers, licensed in every state, perform all calculations and structural steel member sizing. We take into account all seismic, wind, and soil factors, promptly providing accurate reactions for civil design. We also have full drafting capabilities for fabrication drawings, connection details, etc.

Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication We provide a full range of welding processes, enabling us to meet a full spectrum of code and custom design specifications along with fabrication of all sizes of pipe with blasting, priming, and finish painting, non-destructive examination, and post weld heat-treating.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural Steel FabricationWe are an AISC Certified Fabricator and Erector, well-automated, high volume, specialty fabrication facility capable of executing virtually any project, large or small.

Heat Trace & Insulation

Heat trace and insulationWe can design and install both electrical and steam heat trace on all required piping prior to insulation. Our shop provides self-performed pipe insulation and all insulation and jacket types.

Electrical & Instrumentation

Electrical and InstrumentationWe offer design, fabrication, and installation of electrical and pneumatic controls for all modular process systems including instrumentation, motor controls for pumps, blowers, fans, and agitators, panel fabrication, conduit routing, and cable tray installations.


Logistics Our company supplies complete transportation services for all modules, skids, assemblies, and fabrications including oversized loads, escort loads, and river and blue water shipments to both domestic and international destinations. All shipments are professionally rigged, crated, and secured.

Site Erection

Site ErectionWe eliminate all field pipefitting and minimize field welding and insulation time, with zero footprints on already congested jobsites, reducing the risk of labor cost escalation. Regardless if we install it or if you install it, our system guarantees faster and safer installation.