Our Process


  1. We begin with your P&IDs.
  2. Pipe Positions and operating weights are assigned in racks.
  3. Structural calculations are performed and steel members sized.
  4. We provide loadings and reactions at the feet to the civil designer.
  5. A total 3D model is developed.
  6. Routing details are completed.
  7. Pipe stress analysis is performed.
  8. Structural fabrication and assembly.
  9. Pipe fabrication and assembly.
  10. Pipe is heat traced, insulated, and color-coded as required.
  11. All fabrications and assemblies are tested per ASME or client specific requirements.
  12. After fit up checks, complete sections are shipped worldwide.
  13. Erection drawings are provided and onsite construction management can be provided.

Modularization... The fastest, most capitol-efficient
way to install Pipe Bridge.